Networking with other entities that share our vision

Sites we like

Environmental Observatory of Paros – An initiative of the associations Archilochos, Friends of Paros & Local Committee of Hellenic Society for Environment & Culture, aiming to collect reports and ask the community to evaluate this information and use it the way it considers to be the most appropriate.


Permaculture Greece – Paros Seed Festival, “Paros Going Green” and other permaculture projects and tips, links on natural farming resources around Greece.


Paros Community – Paros social network  for sustainability and culture. Calendar of  current events, Paros photos-videos, blogs.


Meditation Muse – Blog by Paros-based Ronit Ben Sadon of Tao’s Center – “A place to rest from the rush, noise and hectic pace of modern life… open, peaceful, nourishing, playful, creative and free. In such a place it is easier for the negative to be transformed and for healing to occur.”


Arts Culture Europe  Arts Culture Europe is a non profit association
that  aims to respond to the social, relational, material and pedagogical needs to both amateur and professional artists by all means necessary.
It also provides social, educational and cultural awareness by promoting the arts and culture to a broad European population: children, adolescents and adults.


Paros Jazz International Academy and Jazz in Paros Festival  : information and news about the annual edition of Paros Jazz  Academy and Jazz in Paros Festival  held on Paros every summer in July.


Friends of Paros     “Friends of Paros” is a not-for-profit association, founded at the initiative of the inhabitants of Paros in 2002, as well as of other people who feel, in one way or another, connected to this picturesque island of Cyclades Archipelago.