Personality Quiz


The Innovaros quiz project “What type of traveller are you?” is a team effort and the result of a wide collaboration in the Paros community.
Special thanks to Photographers: Stavros Niflis, Susanne Kühlewein, Michael Salis, Petros Paros, Evangelia Papadopoulou, Kay Fotografos, Maria Drakaki, Maria Perantinou and Shira Ben Saadon, for letting us use their photos.
It could not be done without the help of: Christina Fokianou, Claire Kalemkeris, Athena Perantinou, Vicki Preston, Nicolas Stephanou , Christoff Korovesis, Vassilis-Dimitris Giatras, Mimmika Liakou, Lena Yacoumopoulou and Ronit Ben Saadon
We thank London based “Smooth Media”, Jennifer Barth and Chris Brauer for their guidance and coaching and Thalia Miliaki for social media advice and assistance.
Last, but not least, we thank Innovaros chairman David Salihi for introducing the quiz idea.