The Innovaros Charter outlines the fundamental principles of the Innovaros organisation


The Innovaros Charter is a fluid working document developed in consultation with Smoothmedia during SmoothParos 2010 on 9/10 September, 2010 in Paros, Greece.  It outlines the fundamental operating principles of the Innovaros organisation.

Our Objective

Innovaros respects and promotes the unique identity of our island and shares the experience of a more peaceful and conscious way of life. It stands for eco-friendly practices and encourages sustainable development through year-round diversified tourism offerings and innovation in emerging technology.

Our Guidelines


We pledge to gather as much information as possible on topics of interest to Innovaros. In this process we seek to reveal and engage all stakeholders or interested parties on the island and beyond to promote inclusivity and cooperation in all our activities.


We seek to be fair, just, and open to collaborations and partnerships with individuals, institutions, and non-profit and commercial entities on the island of Paros.


In our projects we pledge to:

  • Do good and avoid doing harm
  • Innovate wherever possible in a sustainable way
  • Help exchange ideas, realise goals, and clear obstacles
  • Respect and preserve the history and heritage of the island of Paros