Using emerging technology and sustainable development to promote travel and tourism on the island of Paros, Greece


Innovaros was established in September, 2010 in Paros, Greece.  The purpose of the Innovaros working group is to develop skills and share insights into the use of emerging technologies and sustainable practices to promote events, commerce, travel and tourism on Paros.  The guiding principles for our organisation are detailed in our Charter.

Paros is already one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece but participants in Innovaros are looking to transfer and extend this strong identity online.  Using the latest social and digital media in a cost-effective way that helps improve customer experience and communication is a core goal of Innovaros. We also seek to pursue sustainable development practices and collaborations to promote the ethics and culture of Paros with respect for our role in the delicate ecology of our beautiful island.

We are in the midst of establishing a more formal mission for our organisation but it is basically about a bunch of people who really care about what and how they do things getting together to explore using responsible ethics and new technologies in their practice.

At the moment our membership is limited to interested parties in Paros but we are exploring expansion to other members of the Cyclades island group and beyond. If you want to get involved or just get more information don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The first Innovaros event was SmoothParos 2010, a 2-day Smoothmedia workshop (September 9-10, 2010) on using digital media innovation and ethical sustainability to promote new opportunities and establish leading-edge online identities and enterprises for Paros and individual participants.

SmoothParos 2 took place on 29 and 30 April, 2012.  Read more about it on our Smoothparos blog and how you can get involved in this exciting 2-day workshop event on innovation and ethics in travel and tourism.

SmoothParos 2014 on Community Building and Managing Innovation will take place on 9 – 11 May, 2014.  Read more about it on here and find out how you can get involved.