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The responsibility of stray cats and dogs in Greece rests with the Municipalities according to Greek law 4039/2012. However the work is carried out fully or to a large extent by the local animal welfare groups and individuals. In the case of Paros there are two registered charities PAWS and FEP.

STRAY DOGS: there are very few if any stray dogs in Paros. PAWS maintains a dog shelter in Tripiti, that rescues some 200 stray dogs every year and rehomes them, mostly in Germany because of a lack of appropriate homes on the island, though every effort is made to rehome locally. Unfortunately few owners practice neutering and pups are often discarded. PAWS partners with Paroshunde, an organization in Munich, Germany, to rehome stray dogs and cats.

STRAY CATS: PAWS runs a neutering and feeding program. Weekly group neutering sessions are held at the vets at low rates for strays. There is also a feeding program for some 350 cats in 17 different cat colonies across the island. The vets also offer low rates for treatment of cats.

REPORT ANIMAL ABUSE: if you see an animal in a bad condition and/or exposed to extreme weather, without water or food, always tied up, you can report it to the police. Take photos if you can and ask the police to give you a protocol number. You can also write directly to the Municipality, see info below.


* Please try and help any strays while you are in Paros. It is difficult for Paw’s to find a specific animal if you write to report when you return to your country.
* Volunteer to walk the dogs at the PAWS shelter
* Feed stray cats
* Do shifts the PAWS shop in Parikia
* Donate to Paw’s via membership, collection boxes, to neuter a dog or a cat, for food, etc.
* Arrange to neuter any stray cats in your hotel/neighbourhoood during your stay
* Offer to foster a cat or a dog during your stay in Paros
* Adopt a stray and take it with you
* Drive an injured/sick animal to the vet


PAWS – Paros Animal Welfare Society (since 1999) ;
Email:; Mobile: (30) 6975 060 927

FEP: Animal Welfare Paros (since 2013);
Email: Mobile (30) 6940 866 215

Vet Andonis Lambrou, Parikia ring road. Landline: (30) 22840 23301; mobile: (30) 6946 362 188

Vet Eleni Rousohatzaki, Parikia ring road on the way to Naousa. Landline: (30) 22840 69914: mobile (30) 6979 704 302

Municipality: (30) 22843-60100; email:

Police: (30) 22840-23333

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