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SmoothParos2, Innovation and Ethics in Travel and Tourism 29-30th April, Paros/ Bootcamps

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SmoothParos 2

All of the bootcamps are in line with the core principles of innovative thinking and building sustainable projects.  The bootcamps will all have application for Innovaros and its projects but will be more general to incorporate any other attendees who are not members of Innovaros but who would like to learn the skills.

Bootcamp 1: 29 April 14.30 – 17.30

Project management
This is a session on applying project management fundamentals to the design and development of new projects.  You will learn techniques for managing scope, budget, tasks, digital aspects and people.  This will include planning and timetabling for project start, management and completion.  This is what makes a project happen.


Creating Innovative Content
This session focuses on creative methods of capture (audio/video/photo/text) for creating website or blog content that will get people interested.  We will go over planning blog posts that capture the ideas and ideals and the feel of real life and real time capture and reporting on events.  This is a chance to bring out your creative and imaginative skill set.  This will also include a review of Posterous and other software, smartphone apps, and other capture devices.

Bootcamp 2: 30 April 10.30 – 13.30

Marketing, analytics and networking
You have a twitter account, and other social media, now how do you use these to market and network?  We will work on how to draw up the scope of the project and its desired achievements and target markets to show how to build a following.  We will also review how to understand the metrics on the relative growth and interest in your site (idea/project) in the public domain.


Managing brands
How do you create and manage an online brand?  This bootcamp considers how to keep the original focus using digital tools and to ensure every project keeps their core ideas at the centre.  This session works on developing or extending a set of objectives and guidelines (like Innovaros’ Charter) into public domain and how to ensure the the message and meaning remains reliable.

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