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Announcing SmoothParos 2010

09.04.10 Posted by

Innovaros is proud to announce SmoothParos 2010, its first annual hands-on workshops and tutorials on digital media and ethics on September 9/10 in Paros, Greece.

London-based Smoothmedia International facilitators Chris Brauer and Jennifer Barth will conduct the sessions on behalf of the Innovaros membership of progressive business and community leaders.

The event will be hosted at Captain Rocks Hotel and is co-sponsored by Perantinos Travel & Tourism and Smoothmedia. All members of Innovaros are invited to attend and participate.

Further details will be available shortly but the overall structure is already clear. The first day will feature group workshops on the latest digital media and socially responsible practices while the second day will involve one-on-one consultations between the participants and the facilitators regarding specific strategies suitable for individual needs.

This approach is very much in line with the emerging Innovaros mission of working together and sharing knowledge and resources in the interests of each individual organisation achieving targets and goals. The Smoothmedia team typically do this form of presentation to large corporations and governments so this is a really unique opportunity to gain a lot of targeted commercial and cultural knowledge while having fun being creative.

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