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The Spiritual Traveller

You want your vacation to contribute to a better understanding of your life. You want this time to add value to your daily routine and well-being.  The environment should be a clear container for your state of mind so you can practice mindfulness with ease. You choose vacation activities, courses and places that are unique and inspiring. As you travel around the world you are drawn to places that promote peace of mind and balance of mind and body. You enjoy time alone but appreciate the presence and bonding with like-minded.

Since antiquity Paros Island has been a destination for spiritual travelers. Known for its special quality of peace and balance, time has a different pace on the island. It might be the unspoiled nature or the quality of the Cycladic light. Others speak of the Parian white marble known for its white color and transparency, or the round shape of the island that adds to the feeling of harmony.  Whatever the reason may be, there is something about the island that attracts spiritual travelers from all over. It has the highest number of monasteries for its size (80!). In fact the Greek Orthodox Church regards Paros as one of 3 oldest spiritual centers along with Mount Ethos (the Holly Mountain) and Meteora in the mainland.

Paros’s reputation as a blessed place has evidence that goes back to pre-history, as we see from the multitude of sacred figurines that date back to 4000 BC. They were found on one of the beaches in Naoussa and are thought to be part of the Goddess worship.  These are the famous Cycladic figurines of “Plastira”, Well-known all over the world as the principles of simplicity and natural beauty. Archaeologists suggest they were used as “plagones” (dolls), children’s toys or as ritual items. In fact most of the recent monasteries are built on the ruins of ancient temples and shrines.

Nowadays there are more activities on the island than on any other island in the Cyclades. Meditation, Yoga, Chi Kung, Kundalini yoga, Pilaties, Healing therapies, Buddhist teachings, these all flourish on Paros, side by side with the more traditional places of retreat and prayer.

Paros… so many things to do, to see, to touch and to taste.

Paros your dream destination!!!

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