We have determined that you are....

The Responsible Traveller

You are well aware of today’s environmental and social hazards!

You had enough of mass tourism which is prejudicial to the local character and environment of tourist destinations. You wants to get more out of your holiday but also give back to the local community. You wants to travel with respect and earn respect, get closer to the local culture and environment. You value authenticity and want to experience local people’s traditions, share for a while their culture and rituals rather than those created for tourism. You want to experience nature and be in it, feel it, smell it and learn about it rather than just look at it, and taking care not to leave behind you anything else than your footprint!

You want that the money that you and other visitors spend, the income from tourism, to become an incentive for conservation of the authentic character instead of its destruction as mass tourism does. You support the local economy and buy locally-made handicrafts and products instead of artefacts made for tourists in China.

You care about locally grown organic food and locally produced products; you don’t want to use plastic bags and wish to recycle as much as possible. You care about fair wages and the social conditions for employees. You care about the animals and want to see they too are treated properly. You wish to contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment you visit.

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