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The Nature Lover

At heart you are a romantic. When you spend time outdoors, you feel more alive and happy, and consciously enjoy taking in the next breath. Like a child, exploring nature’s surprises fills you with vitality. Your perfect vacation includes great views, lots of fresh air, vast skies, sun rising and great sunsets. You see yourself swimming in turquoise, crystal-clean water, deeply inhaling the scent of wild flowers. Flocks of birds fly overhead and in the meadows, farm animals graze peacefully. You fantasize the sounds of the waves in winter or the crickets singing in the heat of a summer day. You enjoy walking, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or even just staring at the colors of the sunset … Paros Island is your dream destination!

Paros is a medium-sized (186 Sq Km) round-shaped island in the heart of the Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea. It has a ring road of about 60 Km and a long, lace like coastline of 118 Km. Its highest peak is Aghioi Pantes, reaching 771 m. Excellent weather conditions, over 3000 hours of sunshine per year, combined with low precipitation and dry summers, allow for visitors’ enjoyment more than six months of the year, from morning till night!

A Paros beach sunset is an experience you’ll never forget!

Although not very big, Paros has a bit of everything. Its beauty is mild and soft, with numerous amazing beaches, which are its world-renowned gems. These lovely beaches are an open invitation for great swimming, snorkeling… or just lounging and sunbathing! They come in all shapes and sizes, each one with its distinct charm, from long sandy stretches to small, snug coves… or wilder ones with pebbles and rocks! There is even a beach with therapeutic clay mud to rub all over the body!

Aided by the mild, dry climate, great walking and hiking possibilities are available throughout the year. The gentle hills and mountains of Paros offer unrivaled vistas of the Aegean archipelago. Over 40 km of age-old footpaths and dirt tracks, linking pristine countryside, picturesque villages, ancient remains, chapels and monasteries… You can even live the adventure, with demanding peak climbs or cave explorations. Or, discover discreet sandy beaches and the wild beauty of rocky shores in great coastal walks all around the island!

Cycling is also an excellent way to discover the island’s beauty. The island’s gentle terrain and good paved road network make it great for road-bike trips through beautiful countryside, coastal landscapes and villages. You may also take part in the ’Tour de Paros’ competition organized every June! For off-road fans and adventure seekers, there are also amazing mountain-bike routes: miles of dirt road and trail, downhill tracks, always affording great, panoramic views!

Horse riding tours and lessons are also offered on the island, and you can enjoy a relaxed ride along the island’s gentle coastline, regardless of your age or riding experience!

For a full firsthand experience we suggest:

– Go hiking on one of the many foot trails, such as the Byzantine Path… Starting at Lefkes village, follow the wooden signs on to a well-preserved stone-paved footpath that used to connect the medieval capital with Prodromos village and the old port at Molos (Duration: 1h 30min). One can also extend the walk to explore the neighboring maze-like village of Marpissa with its many old, distinctive churches , and even go further up, on steep Kefalos hill (150 m) to enjoy a breath-taking view from the 17th c. monastery of Aghios Antonios and the Venetian fort remains (Lefkes to Aghios Antonios cliff hill: Duration 2h 30min). You will see:

  • The beauty of the Parian nature, such as herbal bushes, olive groves, junipers, bushes, wild flowers, mushrooms, all according to the season. Paros has one of the richest flora in the Cyclades islands!
  • The fauna, which includes many local bird species, hedgehogs, rare tortoises, hares and wild rabbits – some are unique species of the Cyclades!
  • Local popular architecture, admiring the windmills, the dove cots-pigeon houses, the “katoikies” small, cubic stone-built flat edifices. “Katoikies” are the shelter spaces in the countryside where the locals   spend the occasional night out when cultivating their distant fields or tending to their flock… or-more recently- where they would have Sunday brunches. The cube-like houses and popular architecture on Paros and the Cyclades have been a point of reference for famous modern architects, such as Le Corbusier.
  • The spiritual part of the island… Old churches, small chapels and walled monasteries.
  • The value of the water. Traditional stone- and marble-built water tanks depositories (“sternes”), drilled or dug wells (“pigadia”), springs and fountains (“pighes”)
  • “Perivolia” – small gardens with citrus fruit trees and flowers, usually surrounded with stone-built walls for wind protection

– Go on a 4X4 in Lagatha and Kamares (wild country off the main track)

– Visit and explore the Ancient Marble Quarries or Kalambakas Cave near Marpissa and live the adventure (you will need proper shoes, rope, helmets and flash lights… and some caving experience or a guide)

– Snorkel in the blue sea, exploring the aqua marine and turquoise water of the Aegean Sea. You could also go on a diving sea excursion!

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