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You are the travelling gourmet, a connoisseur of food and wine, seeking out pleasurable culinary experiences wherever you go. Hearing about a small authentic restaurant at the end of a dirt path is enough to motivate you to get off the main road and head into completely unfamiliar terrain. When choosing a vacation you consider a place that is likely to tickle your palate and open a door into a cultural reverie of flavors. You’re thrilled to discover unusual street food you can enjoy on the fly and love to search for that one version of your favorite dish that excels.  You truly appreciate fresh food and exquisite, unique wines.

Something as simple as standing in glittering sunlight as you take the first bite of the most delicious peach you’ve ever tasted, or chasing the aroma of freshly baked bread at the crack of dawn through a labyrinthine village, fills your heart with joy. All your senses are activated – when you eat well you feel wonderfully recharged!

A type of magical simplicity is the hallmark of the local cuisine, where the flavor of the wild fields can be tasted in all kinds of Parian delicacies, each dish accompanied by a parade of wines and local spirits that have been refined over thousands of years. Many restaurateurs grow gardens of organic fruits and vegetables and source wild greens and local herbs to complement a wide range of experimental variation in regional cooking, from the classic traditional taverna to refined interpretations exploring the historical influences of the Venetian and Anatolian cultures that have shaped this land. And don’t hesitate to ask for a recipe that you loved… restaurant owners are more than often keen to share it with you.

You will have the chance to forage for ingredients in the hills and the local markets, to learn to cook with island residents who will share family secrets and tricks of the trade with you. Be part of the great celebration, join the dance, and experience the legacy of an authentic panegyri (festival) meal shared by the entire community. A fascinating look at the history and traditions of winemaking on Paros at the Manolis Moraitis Winery Museum in Naoussa is an opportunity you’ll savour, and a visit and tasting at his brother Giorgos Moraitis’ organic winery is another experience you won’t want to miss.

Paros is a particularly cosmopolitan island and has attracted residents from all over the globe, so the island is replete with its fair share of authentic international cuisine such as Italian, Thai, Japanese, French and Mexican as well as some interesting blends.

Some of the delights awaiting you include:

  • Fresh, authentic, organic, unexpected cuisine…
  • Revithada, slow-baked chickpeas in an authentic clay pot
  • Octopus, freshly-caught and perfectly grilled
  • Gouna, a local delicacy of sun-dried mackerel
  • Tuna smoked with local island herbs
  • Horta, nutritional wild greens rich in antioxidants
  • Anchovies wrapped in vine leaves, a unique combination you’ll find only in a single restaurant
  • Takos or paximadi rusk moistened with olive oil and topped with mashed tomato, oregano, olives, capers and sour cream goat cheese (xinomizithra)
  • Toulomotiri, a piquant hard goat cheese matured in goat skin
  • Kalamaroudi, kalamari (squid) with rice, a dish unique to the fishing village of Alyki
  • Natural thyme honey, from the largest population of bees in the Cyclades
  • Mezes, small portions of specialties that accompany wine, ouzo or souma, the Parian moonshine spirit distilled from grape residue (similar to ouzo but without anise)
  • Parian PDO certified wines, the only wine produced from both red and white grapes
  • Distinctive semi-sweet wine produced in the mountain village of Lefkes

Paros… so many things to do, to see, to touch and to taste.

Paros – your dream destination!


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