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The Aesthete

You are a true lover of the arts.  Wherever you travel, you seek beauty, not just in your immediate surroundings, but also in the myriad ways that beauty is interpreted through the arts.  A heightened perception makes you unusually sensitive to music, sculpture, painting, photography, dance, literature… all of the arts awaken your senses and fill your soul with delight.

The Cycladic islands epitomize beauty in all its forms and the unique Aegean light attracts artists from all over the world, many of whom have found their spiritual home on Paros and settled here permanently, forming a vibrant artistic community.  Two international art schools are based on the island and an increasing number of classes and workshops in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, writing, music and dance are held throughout the year.

Immerse yourself in the incomparable beauty of Paros!

Parian marble (“lychnitis”) is famed since antiquity for its purity and translucence, and was highly prized by the ancients. The Winged Victory of Samothrace and the Venus de Milo are two of the most famous statues fashioned from this marble, and sculptors from Scopas (c. 395 BC-350 BC) to the present day have toiled to liberate the forms trapped within the stone.  Summer seminars take place every year at the original workshop of Parian sculptor Nikos Perantinos (1910-1991) where beginners can learn the techniques of marble sculpting and mosaic, and local museums exhibit the work of craftsmen through the ages.

Poets and writers too have been drawn to this place throughout history; the masterful archaic Parian lyric poet Archilochos (c. 680 – c. 645 BC) has inspired poetry symposiums and writers retreats here, and a plethora of painting, photography and sculpture exhibitions take place at the many galleries and art spaces on Paros and Antiparos during the summer months.  Wander through the cobblestone alleyways between the tiny whitewashed sugar cube island village homes, blue-domed churches and bougainvillea in full glorious bloom, and you’ll feel like a time traveller stepping straight into the pages of a storybook as you discover the simple, timeless beauty in the work of local artisans, skilled potters, weavers and jewellers.

Imagine yourself at a classical piano recital of the Summer Festival of the Environmental & Cultural Park of Paros, seated in the open-air theatre carved out of the natural rock, as the soft evening breeze whispers through the bamboo and the full moon rises over the Aegean. Drop into one of the late-night café-bars and join an impromptu jam session with visiting musicians from all over the globe.  Learn to sing or play jazz at the annual Paros Jazz Academy and Festival, attend a songwriting workshop, or free your soul as you learn the steps of the Dance of Zorba to the music of Theodorakis or move to the rhythm of salsa, mambo, merengue or tango. Take a sabbatical and find out why Paros is the perfect retreat for writing your novel, finishing your screenplay or even composing, mixing and recording your own music.

Paros… so many things to do, to see, to touch and to taste.

Paros – your dream destination!

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