Using emerging technology and sustainable development to promote travel and tourism on the island of Paros, Greece

Paris Kaklamanos

09.02.10 Posted by

I’ve been coming to Paros more or less every summer since I was 18. There’s something about the islands that keeps you coming back, a pull that is hard to break free from.

15 years later I decided to become a full-time Parian. During the course of the years I’ve had a go at many different vocations. I started out as an auditor in Athens and during the last year I’ve spent on Paros I’ve been trying my hand at writing and translating for Paros & Naxos Life and Parianos Typos. Parianos Typos has already gone on-line and Paros & Naxos Life is also considering making use of e-possibilities, so I’m interested in learning more about these during our 2-day training course.

Since becoming a full-time Parian I’ve also been working as a volunteer for the Environmental and Cultural Park that was set up in Ai-Yiannis Detis last year – we planted some plants and trees in the winter, cleared the peninsula’s beaches of years of accumulated rubble and
chased away some few wild goats that had found refuge in the area.

In the evenings you will find me hanging around in a Paroikia bar called the ‘House’ (where my picture was taken). After a couple of beers I’ll happily broach the subject of the meaning of life and debate the pros and cons of various Aegean islands.

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