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Osho Painting Training@ Tao’s center

04.21.13 Posted by


International artist and art therapist ,Meera Hashimoto is coming back to Tao’s center 

on the island of Paros to give her  unique workshop the Osho Painting Training 18.5-23.5.13


The workshop sessions are all directed to allow the free creative force in each of us, our ability for self expression with no emotional barriers or self-criticism. This process is actually a practice of meditation through color on paper, to the point when you just paint, naturally and freely, expressing yourself on a canvas and awakening your ability to simply be who you are.


The creative process in this workshop is supported by the comfortable intimate facilities of Tao’s center and the beautiful surroundings of Paros island, heart of the cyclades, Greece.


Here is a short video made with Meera in 2012 Painting Group with Meera at Tao’s Center, Paros, Greece

 And some photos from the event

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