Using emerging technology and sustainable development to promote travel and tourism on the island of Paros, Greece

Nicolas Stephanou

09.02.10 Posted by

I’m Greek born in Beirut where I majored in Philosophy in a French University. I fell in love with Paros in 1976 and made it my home in 1981, making a living in the food and beverage industry until 1997, when I incepted the Wired Café, the first Internet Café of the Cyclades. The same year I also started working on a web directory of products and services, and then met Bernie Steinbach with who I went into partnership to develop and launch

From an early stage, we wanted it to be the “online community of Paros”, a community that loves the Island, which is sometime sad to see it being destroyed and often ready to stand-up to protect the privileged standard of life that we enjoy.

Parosweb is currently in the middle of a major restructure, maintaining all our original concepts and ethics while making good usage of core technologies.

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