Using emerging technology and sustainable development to promote travel and tourism on the island of Paros, Greece

Eleni Grammatikaki

09.02.10 Posted by

Eleni Gramatikaki is part of the promotion & activities organization team of the Environmental & Cultural Park of Paros.  Also, she is Parosweb’s web portal coordinator . She has many talents including graphics designer, events manager, editor, translator and web designer.

Eleni is also involved in various environmental and cultural associations of Paros and participates in the promotion of sustainable living and tourism on the island, as well as the protection of the environment.

She has degrees in Illustration and English Literature from British and American universities and speaks Greek, English, Spanish and French. She was born in Athens, has traveled in Europe, America & Asia and lived in the UK, USA & Mexico.  Eleni has made Paros her home since 2002.

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