Using emerging technology and sustainable development to promote travel and tourism on the island of Paros, Greece

Claire Kalemkeris

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My name is Claire –ClioMaria Kalemkeris. I grew up in a Greek family in the United States and have been a full time resident of Paros for many years. My educational background is in the arts. I graduated from Cornell University with a B.F.A. and got my M.F.A. from University of California, Irvine. I also studied at the Art Institute of San Francisco and had a very influential residency at Skowhegan, Maine, which informs what I would like to do in Paros.

My art practice focuses on multimedia installation based work. I have worked as a teacher with college students and younger people and worked supporting many non profit entities, outdoor environmental education programs, the Coalition for the Homeless, worked for El Salvdoran torture victims for CISPES, feminist arts organizations WHACK. At the same time I started an interactive arts center with friends on the lower east side of New York, Space2B, a working studio and exhibition center with a regular performance schedule, artists, dancers, poets, Allen Ginsburg etc. I was building a lot of large scale welded steel sculpture with my partners and working as an assistant to Judy Pfaff, a fantastic time. Later when I was living in Los Angeles I worked for the House of Blues running the arts education segment of a
program with an extensive outsider art collection that was used to explore African American history with the children of the city of Los Angeles, with a team of exceptional individuals, live band, oral story tellers and world class musicians.

On Paros I have worked for years with animal welfare and arts organizations. I am very enthusiastic about the creation of Innovaros as a way to bridge concerns about the environment, the arts and technology, so that we can find the most progressive way to help the community and island to grow.

Paros is such an extraordinary place and community to be a part of, beyond its natural beauty the people afford you the possibility to forge friendships of such diversity, truly remarkable. Our hope is to help bring projects that we think are an enhancement to the island.

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