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Christina Fokianou

09.02.10 Posted by

Kalimera! Good morning to everyone!!! This is the slogan of Greece this year and the best wish that we can offer to each other! My name is Christina Fokianou. I am 32 years old and I have been living on Paros Island since 2007. Of course, I used to visit island every Easter and every summer from when I have been born, because my father comes from Paros. And for me Paros is my Utopia of my childhood!

My family runs two hotels on Paros in New Golden Beach (Tserdakia) at the southeast side of the island. My main sector at the hotels is the sales and the reservation department, but as manager I have to do and to check everything. I have been studied Manager and Marketing in Tourism at the facolta of Business Administration in T.E.I. (Technological Educational Institute) in Larissa for four years. I love my work! I love Tourism as an idea as a job as an activity. I have been working from my 12y.o. and till now I look forward every summer.

During my free time and when the hotel is not so busy, I am a licensed guide by the Greek Ministry of Tourism and Culture since 2007. I do that as a hobby… I love to transfer the guest of my country to another era, to travel together to the time and to the place. I love to join this team because it can help me to improve my skills and to share my thoughts with all of you. Thank you for this opportunity!

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  1. michael hockaday says:

    Kalimera, though it is late afternoon in Greece. I am an American lover of Paros who has visited twice, in 07 and the spring of 08. I love to build new bridges to Paros and would like to email with you if you are comfortable sharing in English. I have much to share with Innovaros, I believe, especially with my writings of Paros. I miss being there so much…learning what I call the labyrinth of Lefkes…dipping at Glyfa and Molos. A dream is to arrange a trip there with a group of green friends, those who share a similar theme with Innovaros with keeping the environment clean and Paros fresh! Let me know if we can correspond, or maybe suggest those who are interested in sharing with me these wonderful plans….ya!…Michael

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