Using emerging technology and sustainable development to promote travel and tourism on the island of Paros, Greece

Athena Perantinou

09.02.10 Posted by

My name is Athena Perantinou and I am excited to join the Innovaros group for the promotion of sustainable development of Paros with innovative ideas and emerging technologies. I hope I will be useful and contribute to its causes as much as possible.

I graduated from Southeastern Europe College in Athens in business administration and marketing studies. I always had the need to travel and experience other cultures which inspired my language studies (French, English, German and Italian).
My first job was at an information technologies firm in Athens and advances in digital media continue to interest me, as long as they are in favour of human life and respectful to the environment.
My origin is from Paros, both my parents come from Marpissa. I own and manage Perantinos Travel and Tourism agency, which was a family business I further developed. I like my job very much, it is challenging and it gives me the opportunity to be creative and also to meet a lot of interesting people. I am married to Antonio D’Angelo, we live in Athens and have 2 children. My family loves Paros as much as I do. We try to spend there as much time as possible.

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